Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recovery Week One

Just in case you were wondering, the training program I am following is from the book (aptly named, of course) Triathlete Magazine's Guide to Finishing Your First Triathlon. I am following the Olympic distance training program at the back of the book since the first part of the book is mostly focused on training for sprint distance tri's.

Weather has been an issue, on and off, this week. It has been rainy, windy, and COLD for Maui. I didn't get in my 20 minute run (really?!?) on Tuesday because it was pouring rain first thing in the morning. I intended to run at lunch but discovered that someone had removed my extra pair of running shoes from my truck and running around the park in my Dansko clogs was out of the question. By the time I got home it was raining again. Wimpy excuse, I know.

Despite wimping out on the run, I DID make it to the pool at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, which was an amazing feat considering it was 60 degrees outside, rainy and windy. The pool, however, was a lovely 81 degrees and very pleasant.

Thankfully, this morning dawned cloudy but rain-free and I had a very pleasant 45-minute ride on our highway bike path.

I'm looking forward to my swim tomorrow and riding out to Tedeschi Winery in Ulupalakua on Saturday morning. Hope the weather holds. I'm ready for summer.