Sunday, May 16, 2010

Interesting "Course" of Events

Today I ran the run course for my upcoming race. It was a beautiful morning, but still very warm (80s) and I'm glad I had my sports bottle with me. The course is a very hilly out-and-back from Wailea to Makena, mostly along the ocean. I'm hoping for some light cloud cover and ocean breezes on race day.

On the way back, I learned Lesson #1 of the morning. There was a porta-pottie at one of the parks along the route and as I approached it I found it necessary to make a stop. OMG - it must have been 130 degrees in that sweat box. Plus, I was completely sweaty and (now don't laugh!) the toilet paper I had placed on the seat practically glued itself to my legs completely negating it's intended purpose. I managed to get what I hoped was ALL of the TP off of me and continued on my way.

Lesson #1: Do not use porta-potties on race day if you absolutely don't have to.

Then I quickly learned Lesson #2. Today I ran with my iPod, which I normally don't do, but I've been having a little trouble with running motivation, so I carried on with the volume down low. I was completely in the "zone" as I ran along when another runner came up on my right and shouted a cheerful greeting. I squeaked like a scared rabbit, startling myself and him (I'm one of those people who startle easy anyway). I apologized and so did he. Turns out he was an Ironman visiting from the mainland and was out for his long run. He laughed because he said, "You definitely got an adrenalin rush out of that one because your pace picked right up!" We chit-chatted for a little bit, he wished me well on my race, and we went on our separate ways.

Lesson #2: Do not run with iPod any more!

I thought I was done with my lessons for the day, but was to quickly get Lesson #3. I finished my run at Wailea Beach where I had parked my car. I decided to grab my goggles and cap and go out to the beach for a cool down swim and practice a few entry/exits. It was a beautiful day, the water was calm, and there were only a handful of swimmers, snorkelers and SUPs out in the water. I get my gear on, make sure the coast is clear, and swim out about 50y. I pop my head up to sight and from out of nowhere this guy on an SUP appears and I take a hit to the jaw from the tip of his board. He got a serious verbal thrashing from me (because SUPs are supposed to look out for and yield to swimmers near shore) and I headed back in. When I could touch bottom I stood up and touched my lip and came away with a handful of blood - I did not realize he'd busted my lip! Thankfully, I had all my teeth, and I am VERY THANKFUL that he did not hit me in the head and it wasn't any worse.

Lesson #3: Even on a clear, uncrowded day, beware of water dangers and take a bodyguard!

I think I need a brightly colored swim cap for OWS.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hill Sprints in Pool?

Got my butt kicked in the pool today at the end of practice. After swimming 1600m, the coach had me do 25x8 all out sprints with 10 sec rests between. My first one was 35 sec, the last one was 27. I also learned how to push off under water - much faster start!

The last couple of weeks of training went well, including a sub-2 hour ride of the race course. I was really happy because I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do that on my mountain bike, but I did, and still had plenty of gas in the "tank."

I may have the use of a road bike for the next couple of weeks, including race day. A friend has offered to lend me hers, but it's going to need new tires and a tune up - hopefully minor. Her brother who is an avid cyclist is checking it out for me. Am I being optimistic to think I can pull off riding a different bike with just 2-3 weeks of training rides prior to race day?

Running is back on track. I was having a hard time getting motivated, but I just got a Garmin 305 which, at this point in the game, I think helps keep me honest. I'm looking forward to running the race course on Saturday for my long run.

I'm also planning to spend some time open water swimming this weekend. I'm still a little anxious about the swim, so I thought I would just take my mask, snorkel and fins and cruise the "track" just to familiarize myself with the area beforehand. My first full brick is the weekend after next and I need to get more time in the water before then.