Tuesday, February 9, 2010

60-in-60 Catch Up

We are supposed to report our daily activity and heart rate for the 60-in-60 Challenge, and I have been slacking off lately. I generally post this information to our "BE FIT CLUB" page on Facebook, but my interest in FB is waning a bit, so here I am.

The terms of the challenge are to do 60 minutes of cardio exercise each day, within your own specific 60-80% of your max heart rate. So, my max heart rate is 178 (220 minus my age), and my range is 107-142. Here is my update:
  • Day 37: 75 minute hike at Kapalua with Gina, avg hr 123 (because of the extreme ups and downs for this terrain, we agreed on reporting an average of our low and high rates).
  • Day 38: 60 minute trail hike in Olinda with Bruce and Cody, hr range 109-132.
  • Day 39: 60 minute bike - Mokulele Hwy - hr range 108-140
  • Day 40: 30 minutes hill power walk with Cody - still have 30 minutes to go tonight.

I am nursing a cranky knee, so need to go light on the running at least through the end of this week. I'll try a nice slow run on Saturday.

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