Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Walking Cast" is an Oxymoron

It's more like "hobbling cast." For someone whose friends refer to as "the gazelle" this cast is seriously hampering my long-legged strides and fast walking pace. I'm not getting anywhere fast these days. It does, however, give me a new perspective as someone who is always playing catch-up.

Each day I find different reasons to be thankful. Saturday's reason: Chrissie Wellington, the favorite to win the women's division at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in Kona, withdrew from the race and Did Not Start (DNS). I don't know the nature of her illness, but can be sure of one thing: it had to be something serious for her to scrap an entire year of training and racing and not compete in what was undoubtedly her "A" race of the year.

Sunday's reason: my mother-in-law's friend. This woman is going to the doctor tomorrow to see if she will even BEGIN to put weight on a leg that was broken in 5 places almost 8 weeks ago.

Every time I talk about taking the cast off "just to rest" or "just to sleep" or "just because it is driving me freakin' crazy," my husband reminds me to be patient. Take these few weeks as a well-deserved rest - do some things I don't normally get the chance to do like read, and BE STILL. He reminds me that the better I behave now the more quickly I will heal.

As I hobble off at half-speed today, I will remember to be thankful that I have a minor injury and a relatively easy recovery in the grand scheme of things. That will be my reason for today.

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