Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Making More of An Effort

Friday morning as I got out of the pool shortly after 7:00 my coach says, "That all you got?"  I paused for one second then said that that was all I had time for, but still had plenty left in the tank and could swim another 500 easily.

My comments weighed heavily on me for a better part of the morning.  I realized that if I still had that much energy left after swimming 2100y, then maybe I wasn't pushing myself hard enough.  And yet another comment from another swimmer (who was also a long-time coach and whose wife is a former Olympic-caliber swimmer) on the same morning stayed with me.  He said my swimming looks a LOT better and I am evening out my stroke and cadence, but he said, "Pick up the pace - you need to stop swimming the same lazy speed."

OK - I get it!  I realize that I need to push myself harder in workouts.  I have much more to give and should lay it all out there when it makes sense.  I think I even finished my race last year with some left, even though my run was slow.

Time to kick it up a notch!


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  2. Well I agree it's good that you're looking better in the water! And I understand your points about pace especially during events. I want to feel EMPTY when I'm done and I'm frustrated if I think I had more to give. Enjoy & happy "amped up" training!