Monday, June 6, 2011

Pre-Race Thoughts

It's taper week, which I find rather unsettling for me this year, and not for the usual reasons.  Although my training has been very good all winter, these last few weeks have dealt many emotional upheavals and my training levels plummeted during two very crucial peak weeks.  But I'm OK with that.

I had an amazing bike workout on Saturday with a fellow triathlete (my first non-solo workout with someone who actually knows what they are doing!), but it was later than I expected, I didn't hydrate properly and, as a consequence had a VERY CRAPPY 2 mile run.  I took my gel too close to the end of the bike and it sat on top of my diaphragm and threatened to come up in the first 30 seconds of the run.  And God, was it hot and humid!  I spent the entire two miles trying to keep it down although I may have felt better if I'd have just let it go.  And the fact that I was considering hurling is a huge milestone for me because I do not like to puke and will do just about anything humanly possible to avoid it!

I haven't had gel problems before, so I think it was just a combination of too hot + under hydrated + over exerted + too close to the run.  I can remove most of those issues on Sunday if I just stay focused.

Transitions will be better this year - streamlined and no socks.  T1 last year was nearly 6 minutes!  T2 was 2:22, so respectable.  Going to try and shave off at least 3 minutes total this year.

I am very happy with my progress in swimming and ecstatic with the bike (and the fact that I will be riding a roadie for this race- thanks MC!!).  I'm looking to make gains in these two areas.  The run, however, will be a challenge.  My mileage is down from last year (post injury) and the course is difficult - lots of hills and temps can be high.  My goal is to stay positive, make the most of the downhills, and stay strong to the finish.  Plus, if I can make up time on the swim (10 mins) and bike (30 minutes +), it will be earlier and, hence, a LOT cooler for the run.  I love that this race has a 6:00 a.m. start!

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  1. Good luck on your race! I'm with you on the not puking thing.