Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thankful for Good Friends

Some major changes have taken place in the last few weeks.  My last post said I was canceling the South Maui Triathlon.  I missed quite a bit of training since May 23rd since I wasn't going to race, but kept up with swimming and light running.  Not nearly the level I would need to make a good showing at the race. Then last Saturday a long time friend of mine called and said he had a road bike for me to ride and race with (I've been riding my MTB).  I told him I wasn't racing.  He scolded me.

We talked quite a bit and he reminded me that we have very few - two - triathlons on Maui every year.  How could I not race since I had rehabbed so well and trained so hard over the winter?  My swimming and cycling skills were strong, my running was coming along and my weight was down.  All very good reasons to race.  I told him I had really dropped off in volume in the last two weeks (a critical build phase!).  He told me I'd better get my act together and race this race, even if just for more experience.  Go out, don't expect to kill it (my original goal for this year was to place in the top 5 in my AG).  So I left my emotional pity party and refocused my efforts.

I am so thankful for his call and our conversation.  Since deciding to get back into the race, the black cloud has lifted and many good things are coming along.  It's amazing what a change in attitude can do.

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  1. That's fantastic! It's good to have friends encourage you to do what you need to do.