Monday, March 1, 2010

60-in-60 Comes to an End

Well, our 60 minutes of cardio for 60 days straight ended today. Amazing! It was good training for me, considering that on many days I had two workouts - one cardio and one powerlifting. A good ramp-up to the tri training that begins two weeks from today.

I'm planning active rest this week - just a little swimming at lunch on Wednesday and Thursday. Next week I will do some swimming, light lifting, and yoga (focusing on core training).

My bike is going into the shop on Wednesday for rear derailleur replacement (my bike has had some shifting issues since I got it in November - so it is a factory warranty fix) and to fix a limp it has. I think the rear rim accidently got bent by Mr. G. (who shouldn't have been riding it anyway, but that's another story, and all is forgiven). Hopefully, I won't need a new rim.

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