Monday, March 29, 2010

A Week of Progress

My intention when starting this blog was to post every day. Ha!

My first official "complete rest" day was Monday, which was actually my second day of "rest" because I did not get my 60 minute run in on Sunday. Which brings me to this: "Plan your workouts and workout your plan."

I've discovered over the past two years that I am a morning workout person. I usually have no problem getting up and heading out while the rest of the world is still asleep and completing my training for the day, but weekends present a problem. I still get up early, but so does Bruce, and many times I am torn - a) stay at home, enjoy the paper and eat breakfast with him; or b) get my butt out on the road and do what I need to do? I need to stick with "b" if I am ever going to make this training program work.

Then I have the weather to contend with. We usually have mild temperatures and weather year round here on Maui, but this week has already been a challenge with extremely high winds and driving rain. Blustery wind and light rain I can handle, even a 30 mph tradewind headwind, but 45-60 mph dodging flying debris is not good.

So, I ended up getting in my Tuesday morning run after work. Tuesday night I loaded my bike in my truck, excited about my first brick workout this morning, only to be thwarted again by said nasty weather. I managed to eke out a swim session at the pool at lunch, but my attempts were frustrating and I bagged out after 850m. My bike is still in the car, so barring any unforeseen weather traumas, I will bike/run tomorrow morning as a "make up."

I threw myself a little pity party at the pool today, but got out with the resolve to get in the pool a little more often than called for in my training schedule so I can get this thing down!

I'm managing to get in my workouts, but I need to tighten things up. It's only going to get harder from here!

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