Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 3 - Bike

So happy to be back on my bike again!

My friend, Gina, rode with me this morning. We bought our bikes at the same time and have ridden quite a lot over the past several months. While she is on a different training program right now, she is happy to ride with me while my workouts stay in the sub-hour time limit, and I enjoy the company.

Today's 45 minute ride turned into 60 - we had to make a couple of stops and hoist our bikes over/around a couple gates, plus we had quite a headwind on the way back - but overall it was a great ride. It's so nice to have the sun coming up earlier in the morning now! We don't have to ride as dawn is breaking.

My bike is an '09 Trek Fuel Ex 7 mountain bike. That's right...I'm training for (and riding in!) an Olympic distance road tri on my mountain bike. No shame. It fits me great and I love riding it. I bought it with the intention of racing and riding mostly off-road. Who knows...if I truly love and get into triathlon, there might be a road bike in my future.

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