Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reading and Rest

I am on a fitness break this week. We just finished the 60-in-60 (had our celebratory lunch at the new Whole Foods yesterday) and I have a little more than two weeks until the "official" 12-week training program and countdown starts.

So right now I am enjoying our company visiting from the mainland and doing very little in the way of fitness other than walking the dog or taking the occasional hike. For the next two weeks I plan to do some light running and riding, a LOT of swimming at the pool, and work back into a light weightlifting program. Sprinkle in some core training and yoga. My usual routine, but lighter...using it to ramp up for the 12-weeks.

I am reading A LOT and loving it. So far, I've read "Racing Weight," by Matt Fitzgerald, Triathlete Magazine's "Guide to Finishing Your First Triathlon," and just received the new edition of "Triathlons for Women," By Sally Edwards. That, in addition to devouring the new issue of Triathlete Magazine. There is a wealth of information out there, much of it free or inexpensive, to help you get started. I find it all absolutely fascinating!

My husband still thinks I'm crazy, but I'm going with Sally Edwards, who believes "triathlon changes women into healthier, happier people." Yeah!

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